Chewy stumbles into a crude trap,

& he, Luke, Han, & the two droids are bagged up

in a net. Then, when R2 razors them free, they

find their bruised & dented selves surrounded by


dozens of Ewoks: bones on their heads, necklaces

of teeth rattling around on their chests, skulls

for headpieces. When 3PO sits up, they all

genuflect & chant, believing themselves blessed


by the presence of a god. In a furry tempest,

the Ewoks haul the crew off to their village in

the trees where the enthroned 3PO’s embarrassed

because his friends are set to be a banquet’s main


course. Then Luke levitates him, & the Ewoks go still.

3PO never knew he had such skills.*


* Is it bad that I think about these things more than, say, I take showers?


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