C-3PO’s Story

Night falls on the Ewok village, & by fire-

light a bunch of the furry creatures pile

into a room with 3PO to admire

him as he tells the rebels’ story, all the while


unreeling sound effects: Vader’s wheeze,

the zing of a laser, & the surge of a drawn

light saber. The whole crew listens, wide-eyed, to these

stories, as 3PO puts his personal stamp on


the retelling. Maybe there’s even a shred

of merit in the droid making the story his own.

(Ah-hem.*) When 3PO’s done, the Ewoks, led

by the medicine man, approve. As the drums drone


on, the heroes—even (or especially)

the droids—are pronounced part of the family.


* This is an authorial clearing of the throat, as the author attempts to convince himself that writing 76 sonnets about Star Wars wasn’t just a ridiculous idea to begin with.**

** Still not convinced.


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