The Shield

While the Ewoks are taking care

of the stormtroopers on Endor, Han discovers


that the generator’s back entrance code has been

changed. R2 wheels into action & tries to open


it, but when he’s shot he can only sizzle

& smoke. Han tries to hotwire it until


he’s cornered by an AT-ST. When he finds out that

Chewy’s inside, Han gets an idea: use the AT-


ST’s radio to call for backup. He

does. When the back door to the energy


field generator opens, Han sticks

a couple of charges to the ceiling &, slick


as grease,* runs back outside. He escapes

just before the two bombs detonate.


* Not really. He looks thoroughly uncomfortable as he runs. I mean, I know the guy knows how to book it; I’ve seen Indiana Jones in which Harrison Ford bounds like an antelope on the moon.


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