Power Generator

Well, gang. Looks like we’re getting down to it. The Force Awakens in four days. And look: I did the math right! We’ve got four sonnets to go. Here’s today’s adventure:

A few Rebel ships angle down into

a jagged groove of the Death Star,

pursued by a knot of Tie fighters. As the crew

speeds toward the vulnerable center


of the battlestation, one of the Empire’s

Star Destroyers, damaged, daggers
the dark orb till it erupts with a plume of fire.*

Then, to a blast of trumpets, Lando pulls the trigger


in the Falcon, & the ship’s lasers kiss

the power generator on

both cheeks. The explosion chases the Falcon

out of the tunnel. As all of this


is going down, Luke, weakened & scarred,

is being tortured inside the Death Star:


* I always wanted to write a mixed metaphor x3. But enough about me. What do you think of my mixed metaphor?


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