And here it is: the last of the 76 poems in the cycle. In less than 24 hours Episode VII will be unleashed upon the world. I’m kinda ready. Thanks for tuning in. And may the form be with you. Always.


When the last saber has retracted back

into itself, & the last Ewoks

have finished their fur-blurring dance & smacked

each other on the back… When they’ve knocked


up against all the main characters

(who are all hugging one another), & the brass

has repeated the main theme one last

time… When the credits have unreeled against the stars…


all we can do* is press rewind. Technology

may advance at the speed of light, but so

what? All we want to do is go back: we

want to revisit a long time ago…,


we want our own youth, we want to think

back to the days before we’d heard of Jar Jar Binks.**


* Well, technically, there are infinite options, but the following is the most logical, given your obsession.

** or flying R2, or the way the viceroy’s lips don’t match his voice as though he were in a badly dubbed foreign film, or death sticks, or Anakin whining about sand that gets everywhere, or Wookiees who yell like Tarzan, or Palpatine’s aquatic opera, or General Grievous’ asthma, or…


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